Rooibos research

Rooibos is commonly known to be healthy. To demystify myths around Rooibos it is important to look at the research.

Rooibos contains antioxidants that fight free radicals (a by-product of normal cell function). Free radicals weaken the body’s natural defences and lead to ageing, the declining of the immune system and the onset of a wide variety of diseases. This is where Rooibos helps maintain a healthy body.

Jeanine Marnewick wrote a dissertation back in 2004 for her Doctorate in Biochemistry at the University of Stellenbosch. She goes on to say that Rooibos plays an “important role as chemopreventive agents in the modulation of cancer.”

Her research not only identifies the growing occurrence of cancer, but acknowledges that cancer development is a multi stage sequential process following the stages of initiation, promotion, progression and malignent conversion. Rooibos is proven to be significant in inhibiting tumour promotion and exhibits anti-inflamatory activity.

Research published in November 2019 in Phytomedicine volume 64 furthermore concludes that Rooibos suppresses the proliferation of cancer cells.

The Mama Baileys Original Rooibos cream is made using Rooibos, a natural product from the fynbos in the western Cape and over many years has been shared with people in the community. Mama Baileys now brings you the Original Rooibos Body Cream.

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